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What Is The VOC?  

The VOC is comprised of Kentucky foster care youth and alumni aged 16-23 and is instrumental in communicating to foster/adoptive parents, out of home care staff and community partners the issues and needs of youth in care and those who have aged out of the system.

​The VOC is a diverse group of young people who come together to advocate for positive change for youth that are in state’s care. Members of the VOC work closely with various people including DCBS staff, judges, CASA staff, state officials, private childcare agencies, educators and many more. The VOC also works with current and former foster youth to develop strategies for a brighter future as well as to educate them about their rights, responsibilities, available resources and the policies that effect their life.

Dante, Murray

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I am Dante Lynox and I am the chairperson of the VOC. I am 21, worked on the VOC since 2020 and currently in college for my BSW. I have experience with an independent living program and have used different resources. If you see me or hear my name at a event feel free to talk to me or trade contact information if you need a friendly chat or some help with resources. 

My name is Keisha Lyon and I am Co-Chair for the VOC! I’m 18 years old and have 6+ years in the foster care system. 


I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in psychology and applied behavior analysis at MSU. I joined the VOC to better the conditions for all foster youth in care and raise awareness to the public about the struggles we face during and after our time in care.  

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My name is Taylor Trent. I'm 19 years old with 10+ years of lived experience in the system. 


I advocate so I can at least make a change in one child's life.  A quote I always live by is "If you can save a child NOW, you don't have to spend years repairing an adult."




Kylie is currently living her story but will be sharing it with you soon!




My name is Mlaey Jones, I am the historian for the VOC.   I have 15+ years of lived experience in the system.


I am currently going to school to be a special education teacher.  I decided to join the VOC to find a place where I can help other youth in the system thrive and the VOC is exactly what I was looking for. 




Bob is currently living his story but will be sharing it with you soon!

Coming soon!

Independent Living Coordinators

George Duvall,

East ILC

Tamara 1_edited.jpg

Tamara Vest,

West ILC

Transitional Services Branch Staff

Paula Saenz,

Branch Manager


Lorraine Wilbur,

Chafee Program Administrator

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