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Eric Anderson


Glenda Wright & Tyler Hunter

Eric aged out of California's foster care system after experiencing a failed adoption.  In these difficult times, he turned to magic.  Now he combines his passion for magic and speaking to help others also overcome their challenges and find their talents.

Don't forget to check out Eric's workshop at the conference!

Glenda and Tyler both experienced Kentucky's foster care system and began their advocacy journey as members of Kentucky's Voices of the Commonwealth Youth Council.  Since that time, they have both earned degrees and began their own consulting service to advise, train, and advocate for child welfare.

Don't forget to check out their workshop at the conference!


Michael Sanders

Michael has been referred to as an Edutainer, blending education and entertainment for learning and fun. He has spent more 25 years working with teens and their families and brings his enthusiasm for these groups in a humorous and exciting presentation.


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