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Michael Sanders

Cassandra Mack

Nick Franco

Stephanie Jackson

Michael Sanders is an optimist who believes that every teen has potential. He has spent the last 30 years of his
life being a huge FAN of teenagers. As a national speaker, Michael travels extensively, motivating nearly 100,000
teens every year to be and do their best. His mission is simple, “to help every teen discover their PASSION, find
their VOICE and make a DIFFERENCE!

Affectionately known as, The First Lady of Urban Self-Help, Cassandra
Mack born and raised in New York City, went from being a struggling single
mom living under the poverty level to building an empowerment empire. 
With a heart for youth and a passion for inspiring people to unlock their
kingdom within, Cassandra is the voice of counsel to hundreds of
thousands around the world.

Nick Franco is from Spokane, Washington, near the Idaho border. Originally from Stockton, CA, they are an LGBTQ+ professional who has worked with college students for over ten years. When they’re not at work or speaking to audiences, they play volleyball competitively, listen to audiobooks, and love anything related to figure skating. They are here today to talk about LGBTQ+ people and how we can find chosen family.

Ms. Jackson BKA "Queen Savannah Sonshine" has recently launched her own business: H.O.P.E. (Helping
Other People Evolve) Eternally; H.O.P.E. Eternally, will be helping others through ventures such as mindfulness coaching for all ages, family life coaching, poetry, & more! 
Queen Sonshine, is currently serving as a Compassionate Schools Curriculum Teacher for
Portland Elementary within the JCPS where she uses music to help students learn about mindfulness to
become their greatest selves. Sonshine says it has been a joy to utilize all of her life experiences
working within the community and serve using her natural gifts and talents in art, music, compassion,
empowerment and love. It's her desire to help take back ownership of communities and help families
SPEAK LIFE and transform their own worlds.


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